Power of Nature


So far, the year 2011 has already brought more than its share of devastating events. Today’s technology makes the documentation and global sharing of such incidents nearly instantaneous. The photo and video coverage provided by journalists and the public alike brings us closer to the scene as it unfolds and record the vivid aftermath where human survival is of greatest concern. These images and the stories they convey remind us of the powerful forces of nature and inspire a need for greater research into how the planet is evolving and our place in Earth’s ever-changing balance.

Share your most amazing images of nature in our Flickr Group. We are seeking coverage of tornadoes, hurricanes, torrential rainfall, flooding, mudslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, drought, fire, and more. In addition to archives of photos, we provide links to information on how to get directly involved in the important aid efforts to rebuild areas hit hardest by natural disasters. GO TO THE RELIEF PAGE TO FIND OUT HOW TO HELP NOW

Power of Nature 2010

From historic snowfalls and twisters in the United States to ravaging floods, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes felt around the globe, nature delivered a powerful force to behold during 2010:

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