Your participation is needed! Share your images with us today.

First Assignment: Natural disasters are ongoing and we want to document these forces of nature and share images and stories from those of you who have witnessed these occurrences first hand. We are seeking coverage of tornadoes, hurricanes, torrential rainfall, flooding, mudslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, drought, fire, and more.

Please send us your photographs that portray the Power of Nature on our Flickr Group. We want to see what is happening in your part of the world and how humanity and the environment have been affected. In addition to the devastating aftermath of these events, we are also looking for your photos and videos of recovery and aid in action. If you do not have any photographs to share, but have seen imagery or video that you feel delivers a compelling story, please send a description and link to

Thank you for your help. We look forward to featuring your story soon.

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