Waves of Hurricane Irene

ROCKY SUNRISE.  August 26, 2011 at Blowing Rocks, Jupiter Island, Florida, copyright © by Matthew King. All rights reserved.

See more from Matthew King on his Flickr photostream.

“It was an interesting morning because it was high tide so water would literally crash over the rocks and then continue west towards the beginnings of the beach. Getting to the positions I was in was a matter of timing the waves and just running. I shoot with a Nikon D90 and wanted to have the ability to zoom in, but also zoom out, so I used a Nikor 18-105 mm to have a decent range. Because Hurricane Irene had already moved north I only faced the rough seas, overspray, high tide, and the wind was really gusting.
“One of my favorite shots on my that I took in that series you can view on my Flickr photostream is where another photographer was taking photos and a large wave came crashing over the rocks and shot thirty or so feet into the air. You can see the photographer running out of the way. ” —Matthew King


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